Nov 25, 2021

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Made by Ciro. My twitter

Welcome to my second Qredo weekly report. I’m so happy to share with you all the news that came this week. It was a fire week for $QRDO! By the way I would really appreciate If you take a look at my twitter and leave a follow :). Let’s jump in!

To start this new report, we gonna take a look at Josh Goodbody Q&A with LBank. Here is a great summary done by my guy QrdoNews.

  • Introduction
  • Token and ecosystem
  • Institutional investors and individual investors
  • Cross-chains
  • Futur plan
  • Audit
  • Revenue model
  • Story of Qredo

Next, we gonna dive into #BitcoinBankathon. These are the only info I was able to find. More will come in my next report because I do think it’s still live at the moment.

Also for those who are interested, I found a link on YouTube about Qredo Workshop at the Bankathon. Here are also some useful links related to this:

  • Developer docs:
  • Welcome & Sign up:
  • Partner API Quickstart:

Why do we care? See below 👇🏼

Probably nothing..

That’s all for this weekly report. We don’t necessarily have much news from the official Qredo page but we got a lot of little leaks. All the thing related in this report are NOT financial advice at all. Binance etc are to take with a grain of salt. Voilà!

See you soon for the next one! Cheers.

Made my Ciro. My twitter